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As a technical service provider, we are the neutral party that processes incoming e-invoices, including SEPA Request-to-Pay (SRTP) information from corporates.

Our service makes it possible to present e-invoices to payers across banks. BearingPoint ensures the trustworthiness of SRTP generating parties and acts as a hub by providing a trusted and secure information store for e-invoices. We process third-party invoices and SRTP data on behalf of banks.


69% of people prefer to store payment and invoice within one place connected to mobile/ online banking.


On average, €6.70 of accumulated savings for corporates for each transformed invoice.


Approximately two-thirds carbon footprint reduction by replacing paper with an e-invoice (150 grams CO2 instead of 450 grams CO2).


82% of consumers can imagine using a combined payment and bill service in their online/mobile banking.

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