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With an effective single-click payment process, corporations can not only enjoy zero-error payments but can reduce the process cost by up to ninety percent. At the same time, they will be offering their customers the benefits of a vastly improved experience that meets expectations in our increasingly digital world.

What it does

BearingPoint Bill encompasses a fully digitalized end-to-end service:

  • Invoice presentment
  • SRTP/payment automation
  • Invoice archive for the receiving participant

Corporate sends an invoice with an SRTP via BearingPoint Bill service to the payee’s bank, which forwards the SRTP via EBA Clearing to the payer’s bank.

The payer receives an SRTP and an invoice conveniently in the payer’s online/mobile banking. The payer can check and download the incoming invoice via the new service and then pay right away, postpone it to a later date, or reject it.

The corporate receives payment being automatically reconciled to the debtor. Also, compare Deutsche Bank research and findings of success factors for e-invoicing.

BearingPoint Bill is based on SRTP, the future for digitalized payment initiation. Also, compare to BearingPoint comprehensive SRTP study and e-invoicing markets trends.

How it works

1. Send Invoice + SRTP

1. Send Invoice + SRTP

  • Instead of sending a paper-based invoice, corporate sends an invoice with a request to pay to the new service (including end-to-end ID)

The advantage for corporate is an efficient new channel to submit invoices with a request to pay

2. One central hub

2. One central hub

  • The new service registers all corporates
  • Feedback to corporates about white-listing of recipients

The advantage is to have a confirmed list of who accepts receiving invoices in their bank account

3. Online/ mobile banking

3. Online/ mobile banking

  • Customer receives online banking invoices
  • Customer can pay invoices with one click
  • Bank offers either SEPA or SEPA Instant Payments

The advantage for payers is having one single place to receive, manage, archive, and pay invoices

4. Corporate receives payment

4. Corporate receives payment

  • Enabling full end-to-end digitalization
  • If payee chooses SEPA Instant Payments, corporate will receive payment in real-time

The advantage for corporate is creating fully digitalized end-to-end processes without manual reconciliation

5. Tracking & transparency

5. Tracking & transparency

  • Full control of the complete purchase, invoice, payment process
  • Full transparency: invoice and payment status for every invoice available

The advantage for corporate is receiving the status of invoices and payments (transparency)

6. Automated reconciliation

6. Automated reconciliation

  • The SRTP information was provided by corporate (1.)
  • No mistakes by payers entering wrong payment information possible
  • No manual reconciliation

The advantage for corporate is avoiding costly manual reconciliation

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